NET SYS 295, Course Code: 37680
Quarter: Fall 2017 (and Winter, Spring 2017)

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Seminar Overview

The goal of this class is to expose students to a wide range of advanced topics in the field of networking.

When/where: There will be (approx.) 10 seminars over the entire academic year, approximately 3-4 every quarter. For the exact schedule please check regularly on the Networked Systems website. They will always be held on a Friday, 11am-noon.

Relation to CS Seminar: The NetSys talks are mostly part of (thus co-located with) the CS Seminar Series, which takes place on Fridays 11am-noon in DBH 6011. There are more seminars in the CS seminar series. Approximately ten of them will be marked as NETSYS. It is possible that a NetSys seminar on one Friday 11am-noon take place at a different location than DBH 6011, and thus be not part of the CS seminar series. For example the first NetSys seminar of 2017-2018 will take place in DBH 3011, Friday Oct. 6th, 2017, 11am-noon. Check the schedule on the NetSys website and will send you reminders by email. But it is the students' primary responsibility to keep up with the schedule.

Rules and Deliverables

This is a seminar class, whose main purpose is to introduce you to networking research. Therefore, it has fewer deliverables than a regular class. There is no final exam. However it still tries to engage you in the thinking of process through the following mandatory requirements for passing the class:

0. You must register in NETSYS295:

You must register in NetSys295 for all three quarters in 2017-2018. Make sure to register for "Letter" grade. You will get S (or U) at the end of each of the three quarters, assuming you fullfill the attendance requirements that quarter (or not). You will receive an S at the end of the spring quarter if you have fullfilled all your attendance requirements and you have submitted your report.

1. You must attend all ten NETSYS seminars:

Attendance is mandatory: you have to attend all (but one) seminars. There will be a NetSys-specific attendance sheet in the entrance of the room. Please remember to sign up for yourself! To accomodate unforseen circumstances, you are allowed to miss one out of ten seminars, without providing any explanation.

2. You must submit a Research Proposal

Hopefully, this seminar will inspire you with ideas. Different people will be interested in different topics depending on their backgrounds and interests. Instead of final exam, you should submit a term-paper which (i) is motivated by one of the talks (ii) summarizes the work presented in the talk and (iii) identifies open issues and future directions. The later part should be essentially a research proposal that answers the following questions. Please notice that we do not ask you to actually solve the problem. We merely ask you to make a research proposal, i.e., identify a research question and outline a plan for solving it. This is what you would for a research project, MS thesis or PhD thesis. [If you do a good enough job in this research proposal, this proposal may lead to one of the above research activities in a subsequent quarter, to actually solve the problem you proposed here.]

Format: The report should be about 2-4 pages, up to 4 pages, including the references. Use the standard IEEETrans template for formatting it. Here are two examples of good two-page proposals from 2008, inspired by the same talk: sample proposal 1 and sample proposal 2. %More 4-page samples will be posted here.

When to submit: You can submit the report anytime before the end of the spring quarter. However, we urge you to not leave this for last minute for several reasons: (i) you won't remember the content by then (ii) you are less likely to find the report useful for a potential research project (iii) the instructors may give you feedback and ask you to re-submit the report. Please identify a topic of interest early, prepare and submit the report soon after the seminar.

Where to submit: Please submit your report at the dropbox associated with NetSys 295 in EEE. When done, please send an email to the instructors to let them know. We will review it and give you feedback: either OK/PASS or a comments and request for revision and resubmission.

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